Call for submissions for IDENTITY: a group exhibition

Exhibition dates (subject to change): September 8 to November 17, 2017

What is identity and how is it portrayed through images? This exhibition seeks to explore ideas about identity, both individual and group, and how it is represented or challenged through photographs and images. In a time when identity is often reduced to a set of likes and dislikes online, how can identity be captured in a photograph?

We invite photo-based artists to submit work to us that ponders the complexities of identity through photography. This could include honest portraits, images that challenge the conventional portrait, explorations of identity that are not portraits, or even images that are not strictly photographic in nature. The subject of identity is challenging as it is broad and we are looking for diverse expressions on the theme.

DEADLINE for submission: June 30th, 2017 EXTENDED TO JULY 4th!

Submission guidelines:

  • Each artist should submit 3 images that strongly represent the theme of “identity.” 1024 px on the long edge. JPEG format.
  • Files should be named #_FirstnameLastname_TitleofArtwork and correspond to an image list with a brief explanation of each image and how it fits into the theme.
  • Images should be uploaded to with a subject line of “Identity Exhibition”

Works for the IDENTITY exhibition will be chosen and curated by Resolve with some outside input from the arts community.

There are four walls in the space, ranging from 8’x8′ to 16’x10′.

Chosen artists will work with the Resolve team to print the work in-house as best suited to the chosen image(s) and will receive some credit towards printing their images. (Please note that all work in the Resolve gallery must be printed by Resolve but this does not necessarily exclude the artist from adding to the images after printing or altering them through painting, collage, etc.) All works in Resolve Gallery must be professionally framed, either with Resolve (artists will be given some credit towards framing) or professionally framed elsewhere.

Header image by Zoltan Varadi.