Animals on Display thrives on assumptions formed by the cursory glance. On the surface, these eerie images by Philip Kanwischer show highly improbable interactions of animals with humans. Appearing in the form of wildlife photographs, they probe the viewer to ask questions about what is real and the human impact on nature.

Philip Kanwischer graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2015 and received the ACAD Board of Governors Award. Based in Calgary, he starts the Master of Fine Arts program at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax this fall.

The show will run April 21 – June 29, 2017.

Opening reception: April 21, 5 – 8 PM


Alberta Through the Back Door brings together the work of four photographers whose pictures present an increasingly complicated vision of Alberta.

In Kyler Zeleny’s series Crown Ditch and the Prairie Castle, forgotten views and back corners are intimately framed to highlight the West’s confused relationship with its pioneering past. Chris Malloy’s Rurban Landscapes tease us, uprooting what we expect out of a rural scene and reframing relics of Calgary’s quaint history within big prairie skies. Greg Gerla’s documentation is a visual diary of daily life in Alberta while George Webber gets an eyeful of Calgary’s feral side.