Polishing Your Presentation

If your goal in producing expressive prints is to share them with others, chances are you’re not just handing people a bare print. Selling to customers, exhibiting to an audience, making ready-to-hang pieces for close friends & family – even just making something for your own wall? Then there are a lot of things to consider in going from bare print to a finished piece.

In the future, we’ll be adding a full workshop to the Open Studio Series where we present a framework for finalizing the presentation of your work. In the meantime, we’re offering a special opportunity to prime the pump. Join us to participate in a small group for an informal but informative discussion on polishing your presentation.

Key topics we will talk about include:

  • Setting the goals that will help you make the many detailed decisions and trade-offs
  • Making sure the print is ready to polish – spotting, banding, scuff, scratches, paper kinks, hair, finger & hand prints, glue, air bubbles, dimples under the dry mount, etc.
  • Curating the work to be finished
  • Organizing & sequencing, designing the flow or the wall
  • Designing and styling the set of materials going into the presentation
  • Editioning: numbering, signing and other ways of putting your “stamp” on the finished piece
  • Mounting methods & materials
  • White space and reveals
  • Framing, matting, spacers & glazing
  • Sizing of all materials
  • Lighting
  • Other presentation methods: portfolios, boxes, books
  • Longevity matters: archival vs. conservation qualities
  • And anything else relevant…

Our focus in this session is not to give you the “right answers” for everything. We will ensure that you know the important questions to answer when you plan the next presentation of your work.

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“If there was a secret formula for becoming known, I would give it to you. But there’s only one not-so-secret formula that I know: Do good work and share it with people.”
— Austin Kleon