About Our Pricing

  • If you require a formal quote, we would be happy to prepare one for you. Please contact us to work out the details of your project.
  • The print sizes priced here represent only a subset of what we can produce. We will print any custom size required for your work, up to the size limits of our materials.

Glossy or Pearl Photo Paper Inkjet Prints

  • Custom sizes available at $17 per square foot, min 1 sqft, min 8″ short side

  8x12 or smaller11x1412x1816x2016x2420x3024x3024x3630x4040x5050x7060x100 Custom Size
IlfordSmooth Pearl 310gsm1718263845718510214223641370817/ft²
IlfordSmooth Gloss 310gsm1718263845718510214223641370817/ft²

Fine Art Inkjet Prints – Gloss

  • Custom sizes available at $25/30 per square foot, min 1 sqft, min 8″ short side
  Up to 8x1211x1412x1816x2016X2420x3024x3024x3630x4040x5050x7060x100Custom Size
HahnemühleFine Art Baryta 325gsm3032456780125150180250417729125030/ft²
HahnemühleFine Art Baryta Satin 300gsm2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag Baryta 315gsm2527385667104125150208347608104225/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag Pearl 320gsm2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag Satin 310gsm3032456780125150180250417N/AN/A30/ft²
IlfordGold Fibre Silk 310gsm30
IlfordHigh Gloss2527385667104125N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A25/ft²
IlfordMetallic Gloss2527385667104125150208347608104225/ft²
MoabJuniper Baryta2527385667104125150208347608104225/ft²

Fine Art Inkjet Prints – Matte

  • Custom sizes available at $25/30 per square foot, min 1 sqft, min 8″ short side
  Up to 8x1211x1412x1816x2016x2420x3024x3024x3630x4040x5050x7060x100Custom Size
AsukaKozo Pure White 48gsm3032456780125150180250417N/AN/A30/ft²
AsukaKozo Pure White 75gsm3032456780125150180250417N/AN/A30/ft²
AwagamiUnryu Thin 55gsm40436089107167200240334556N/AN/A40/ft²
AwagamiKozo Thin Natural 70gsm40436089107167200240334556N/AN/A40/ft²
HahnemühleAlbrecht Durer2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühleGerman Etching2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühleMuseum Etching2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag 308gsm2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag Bright White2527385667104125150208347N/AN/A25/ft²
HahnemühlePhoto Rag Ultra Smooth2527385667104125150 208347608104225/ft²
HahnemühleWilliam Turner3032456780125150180250417N/AN/A30/ft²
IlfordCotton Artist Textured2527385667104125150208347608N/A25/ft²
MoabEntrada Natural2527385667104125150208347608N/A25/ft²
LegionIndia Hemp 180gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²
LegionKochi Natural 109gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²
LegionKochi White 109gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²
MoabEntrada Bright2527385667104125150208347608N/A25/ft²
MoabSomerset Museum Rag2527385667104125150208347608104225/ft²

K7 Fine Art B&W Inkjet Prints – Matte

  • Matte papers only- choose from any of the papers listed in Fine Art Inkjet Prints – Matte
  • Custom sizes available at $35/40 per square foot, min 1 sqft, min 8″ short side
 8x12 or Smaller11x1412x1816x2016x2420x3024x3024x3630x4040x5040x60Custom Size
Fine Art Matte Papers (exceptions below)353853789414617521029248758435/ft²
Awagami Unryu Thin4043608910716720024033455666740/ft²
Awagami Kozo Thin Natural4043608910716720024033455666740/ft²
Legion India Hemp 180gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²
Legion Kochi Natural 109gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²
Legion Kochi White 109gsm40436089107N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A40/ft²

Multimedia/Mixed Media

  8x12 or smaller11x1412x1816x2016X2420x3024x3024x3630x4040x5050x7060x100Custom Size
HahnemuhleBamboo Mixed Media 265gsm3032456780125150180250417729NA
LegionKochi White40436089107
LegionKochi Natural40436089107NANANANANANANA
Ilford Omnijet Glossy Backlit Display Film2527385667104125150208347608NA25/ft²
EpsonDisplayTrans Backlight Film 2527385667104125150208347608104225/ft²

Volume Printing

  • Printed on Ilford Smooth Pearl
  • Prints are printed on roll with no trimming
 Min Qty 25 Prints
17" wide, charged per linear foot11.75
24" wide, charged per linear foot15.25
44" wide, charged per linear foot27.50


  • Custom sizes available
  • Wrap choices – Museum or Gallery
  • Laminate choices – Satin Gloss or Matte
  • Bar depth options – 1-1/2″ deep standard bars or 3/4″ deep low profile bars
 8x12 or Smaller11x1412x1816x2020x2420x3024x3030x4040x5050x70
Print & Laminate416175116191191221341603830
Ready-to-Hang: Print, Laminate, & Stretch811091271742642703094467451198

Canvas Float Frames

Canvas Float Frame for 3/4" Stretched CanvasQuote based on moulding and size
Canvas Float Frame for 1 1/2" Stretched CanvasQuote based on moulding and size
Canvas Float Frame for 2" Stretched CanvasQuote based on moulding and size


  • Custom sizes available
 Up to 16x20Up to 20x32Up to 32x40Up to 40x60Up to 48x96Larger than 48x96
Foam Board (MountCor)354560100180N/A
Foam Board (MountCor Canvas)456595140N/AN/A
Rising Mat Board6590140200350Call for Quote
Aluminum Composite Panel120180340550850Call for Quote
DiBond Aluminum Composite135205370650935Call for Quote
Aluminum (0.125 guage)140240425700950Call for Quote

Flatbed Scanning

  • Reflective art or prints only
  • Negative and slide scans are not supported
 Qty 1Qty 2-4Qty 5+
11x17 or Smaller504030
Larger than 11x1750 per square foot

Art Reproduction

  • Photographed using Phase One 60MP Medium Format Digital Camera
 Qty 1Qty 2-4Qty 5+ 
40x60 or smaller400300225
Larger than 40x60Custom Quote

Digital Services

Minor Adjustments (16x20" or smaller)5/image
Minor Adjustments (Larger than 16x20")10/image
Digital Retouching100/hour (Minimum 1 hour)
1:1 Image Consultation100/hour (Minimum 1 hour)

Priority Service

$50 or 25% (whichever is greater) for rush orders

Pricing Effective Sept 20th, 2018

We reserve the right to apply a $50 minimum order value.

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