Canvas can be unique way to print your images, offering a style that may better reflect the intricacies and nuances of your creation.

Canvas has its own unique character, so choosing it has some aesthetic considerations. Most obviously, canvas is a woven fabric with a cross-hatched structure that will show up underneath your print.

Canvas can be used best when you’d like to lend a bit of painterly quality to your photo or in artwork reproductions.

More importantly for many customers, canvas can be printed large at an economical level for a ready-to-hang piece. If you’re looking for a good-sized print to hang on the wall, talk to us about canvas as an option!

Canvas Need To Know:

Award-winning canvas

Every image is printed on award-winning Breathing Color Lyve canvas. Lyve offers great detail, colour, contrast and shadow detail. It has a bright white surface, and is woven from a poly-cotton blend using an acid-free, neutral pH coating.

Artshield UV laminates

Each canvas image is coated with either Artshield Satinex UV, or Artshield Mattex UV laminates. Both laminates are designed to protect your print from dust, humidity, ultraviolet, and surface scuffs. The final result looks great, and stays that way for a long time.

  • Satinex has a glossy, punchy finish and is our recommended coating for 95% of the images we print. It looks great with light and dark images and enhances the black and shadow areas of your image. Under most lighting conditions, this coating is not too glossy.
  • Mattex looks more consistent and even under all kinds of different lighting. Choose this laminate if the lighting conditions are extremely difficult and you don’t mind more muted colours and less dense blacks.
  • Uncoated canvases are also offered on limited case by case basis. If you’re a painter that will be painting over the bare canvas, or if you’re a mixed-media artist that will be embellishing your canvas print with paint or collage work, then uncoated may be a suitable option.

Choose Satin, Matte, or uncoated.

Satin is our most popular choice.

Wrap Style

We offer three types of canvas wrapping: Gallery, Museum or Mirror.

  • Gallery wraps show your image on the front, top, bottom and sides of the canvas.
  • Museum wraps show your entire image on the front only, and the sides are finished with black fabric tape.
  • Mirror wraps mirror the content on the front of the image and wrap that content over the top, bottom, and sides.

Choose Gallery, Museum, or Mirror wrap

Gallery wrap is our most popular choice

Bar Depth

We stretch all our canvases on made-to-order stretcher bar frames that we produce in our building. We build bars custom-sized for your print, ranging anywhere from 8×10″ up to 50×100″, or even larger. Stretcher bars come in three thicknesses: low profile (3/4″), standard (1-1/2″) and thick (2″). For larger sizes, bars are braced across and in the corners, for improved stability.

Choose 3/4″, 1-1/2″ or 2″ bars.

1-1/2″ bars are our most popular choice

Hanging Hardware

All stretched canvases come ready to hang with hanging hardware. Smaller pieces are hung with wire, larger pieces with D-Rings. We also offer Wall-buddies upon request.

Let us know if you have any special hanging hardware requests.

Float Frames

For a more polished look, we can also put your stretched canvas into a float frame that can enhance the overall appearance of your print. Ask us for more details about our framing options.

Pricing Include