Mounting Prints


Mounting is the method used to secure a printed image to a mount or backing board.

This ensures that your print stays flat, for example if you’re framing it and want to make sure the paper doesn’t curl under the glass, as well as protect the print against damage such as edge dings, creases, tears and punctures.

Mounting is only available for prints made with Resolve Photo

Dry Mounting

Dry mounting is the most common type of mounting we do. For this type of mount, we use special presses (both vacuum and roller) to adhere your print onto a rigid or semi-rigid backing board.

We use several types of backing boards with different qualities including thickness, weight, dimensional stability, puncture-resistance and cost.

Each material is a quality choice for what it does, and we avoid materials that negatively impact your prints, such as through a chemical reaction to acids or glues.

A key consideration is that once we mount your print using a dry mount process, it would no longer be considered “archival” under the strictest sense. Please see our archival options below if you require a fully reversible archival option.

Archival Hingeing

Archival hingeing is completely reversible and fully archival. The print can be removed from the backer at anytime in the future. Additionally, if you love the way paper hangs, and want to show off its volume and other characteristics, hingeing your print is a great choice.

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