“North of Ordinary” @ The Glenbow Museum (Calgary)

“North of Ordinary” @ The Glenbow Museum (Calgary)

Portfolio Description

The Arctic Photographs of Geraldine and Douglas Moodie celebrates the remarkable photography of Geraldine Moodie (1854-1945) and Douglas Moodie (1849-1947) during their time living in Canada’s North (now Nunavut) from 1903-1909. The exhibition was the result on an extraordinary 2015 donation to Glenbow Museum of almost 500 vintage negatives (including glass plates, nitrate and lantern slides), as well as the photographers’ diaries, reports, and photo registers.

Original photographic material from the Moodie collection consisted of 5×7”and 8×10” glass plate negatives, nitrate negatives of various sizes, lantern slides, and original prints all dating from 1895 to 1909. High resolution scans were provided to Resolve Photo by Glenbow Archives.

Many of the glass plates were cracked or broken and the nitrate negatives water-damaged. The prints were all in various stages of deterioration. However, there was no attempt to “fix” any of the images apart from basic dust removal and slight tweaks in contrast in order to retain the integrity of the original images.

Exhibition photos printed by Resolve consisted of 47 – 20” prints, 6 – 30”prints, 11 – 40”prints, 4 – 60”prints, 4 – 84” murals.

“It was clear from the first discussion with Costas and Royce at Resolve about the North of Ordinary exhibition that they were not only true masters of printing fine art digital prints, but also loved every step in the process. They quickly became part of the production team and were as invested in the final look and feel of the exhibition as the project team at Glenbow. From beginning to end and beyond, the experience with Resolve Photo has been outstanding.” – Anita Dammer, Glenbow Archives Digital Images Technician