aAron Munson @ The Front Gallery (Edmonton)

aAron Munson @ The Front Gallery (Edmonton)

Portfolio Description

aAron Munson
June, 2019

The Front Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

Exhibition Statement

Being conscious only of filtered forms in the noise, the observations captured through these photographs are a reminder of the noise that is all form.

In life, as in these images, perception changes through proximity to a situation, and normalized reality is challenged when confronted with an unfamiliar perspective. Are the emotional states we experience simply interactions within our brains making sense of a world that is complex beyond our ability to perceive it? To imagine a future that connects us to each other and to the universe, might we look beyond the familiar forms that we project onto each other that divide and isolate us?

This exhibition demonstrates how a shift in perspective can create a vantage point beyond the familiar. Created through the actions of carbon ink, the imagery is a reminder of the incredible nature of things that we are woven into and have evolved from.