Tyler Los-Jones @ The Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge) and Division Gallery Toronto

Tyler Los-Jones @ The Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge) and Division Gallery Toronto

Portfolio Description

Tyler Los-Jones is an Albertan artist, producing objects and images that draw inspiration from his home in the Rocky Mountains. Los-Jones’s work is observant of the connection people make with their environment, and how that relationship develops meaning through dissemination. He breaks down constructed views of the natural landscape by highlighting how the audience engages with artificial elements to consume and construct meaning of natural place.

Los-Jones’s exhibition, a slow light, is an observation of Crowsnest Pass history. The work analyzes the way in which tourists and community members interact and orient themselves within the area’s tumultuous and everchanging physical and economic landscape. His pieces identify manmade markers that develop new meaning through time and interaction, though their physicality remains intact. This work is a collection that discusses the interpretation and associated meaning of physical orientation. As such, the way in which the work is physically experienced is crucial to interaction with the exhibit. It encapsulates three different styles of work that required individual treatment in production.

The first series of smaller prints went onto smooth matte paper with a suitable white-point to reflect the use of negative space in the images. The second set, a series of constellation images, had rich blacks that best suited a fine art glossy paper. The third set, a series of macro images, were to be exhibited on the floor. These were fun and challenging. We wanted them to have depth, and not reflect gallery lighting. We ran tests for hours, testing almost every type of paper. We settled on a rag satin paper that creates colour change when looking at it from different angles. This created dimension and reiterated Tyler’s exploration of physical orientation and meaning making.

We have been working with Tyler since 2011. He gives us lots of time to test materials, and is always interested in learning along with the process. It results in a quality product that we love, and that meets Tyler’s vision. We feel fortunate to have such a great working relationship.

a slow light exhibited at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery before moving onto the Division Gallery in Toronto. Tyler Los-Jones is represented in Calgary by Jarvis Hall Gallery.

* feature photo courtesy of Division Gallery Toronto, photographer: Jimmy Limmit