Canvas is a unique way to print your photographs and images today, thanks to the flexibility of digital inkjet printing. Like all print media, canvas has its own unique character, so choosing it has some aesthetic considerations. Most obviously, canvas is a woven fabric with a cross-hatched structure that will show up underneath your print. Canvas can be used best when you’d like to lend a bit of painterly quality to your photo or in artwork reproductions.

We print all our canvases on canvas that offers great detail, colour and contrast. Our canvas has a bright white surface, and is woven from a poly-cotton blend using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. We then coat each canvas with Artshield Satinex UV laminate. UV laminates are designed to protect your print from dust, humidity, ultraviolet, and surface scuffs. The final result looks great, and stays that way for a long time.

We stretch all canvases on made-to-order stretcher bar frames. We can build bars custom-sized for your print, ranging anywhere from 12×12″ up to 50×70″, or even larger. Stretcher bars come in a 1-1/2″ depth. Bars are braced across and in the corners, for improved stability (when required).

We offer two main types of canvas wrapping over the stretcher bars: Gallery or Museum.

  • Gallery wraps show your image on the front and sides of the canvas. (If you have any important image contents nears the edges of the print, be aware that a Gallery wrap will wrap around to the sides and so those edges will not be visible from in front.)
  • Museum wraps show your entire image on the front only, and the sides are finished with black fabric tape.

If you like, you can stop there and hang the stretched canvas directly on the wall. If you prefer a more finished look, we can also put your stretched canvas into a float frame. We have a number of options to choose from. A good float frame can enhance the overall appearance of your print. Ask us for more details about our framing options.

Canvas stretches come ready to hang with either wire, D-rings, or Wall Buddies depending on size and your preference for how you would like to hang the piece.

Canvas Options

  • 450gsm heavyweight canvas
  • Satin lamination
  • Stretching: Gallery, or Museum wrapped
  • Bars: 1-1/2″
  • Ready-to-hang: Wire, D-Rings, or Wall Buddies
  • Float frame for a more polished look


  • Custom sizes available
  • Wrap choices – Museum or Gallery
  • Laminate – Satin Gloss
  • Bar depth – 1-1/2″ deep bars

Please call or email for pricing.

Pricing Effective August 24th, 2020

$100 minimum order value.

All measurements are in inches.

Per image pricing starts at one square foot. All prints under one square foot will be priced at one square foot. For pricing purposes, minimum dimensions of 12 inches will be applied.

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