Rotatrim Precision Trimmers

We are now selling Rotatrim rotary cutters for trimming your prints down to a specified size. They come in sizes from 12″ up to 54″ so you can trim almost any size of print. This saves you the cost of hiring us to trim and also allows you to trim a print down further, if need be. You can also take advantage of our bulk pricing where you have several prints on a sheet or in a row on strip and then trim them down after which saves you quite a lot!

Rotatrim trimmers will cut most flexible materials up to 3.0mm in thickness. They also have:

– Increased cut capacity, designed for every day continuous use
– Flexible two-way cut
– Finest quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision blades
– Twin chrome steel guide rails completely eliminate head swivel whilst delivering a smooth gliding action
– Metal end frames and head
– Solid laminate gridded baseboard with aluminium side rule and cursor
– Transparent clampstrip for accurate work placement

Rotatrim trimmers are hand built in England by highly skilled technicians so you can be assured of the absolute highest quality of craftsmanship, accuracy and reliability.

More printing and framing products coming soon!

Sizes available:

12″, 15″, 18″, 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 54″