Photographic Capture

We have extensive experience capturing a variety of original art. We will professionally photograph it, colour-manage the digital file, and optimize it for print. Our client list includes professional and amateur painters, artists, educational institutions, conservators, governments, museums, commercial/public galleries, and art foundations.

We professionally photograph your original artwork using a Phase One 150MP Medium Format Digital Camera in a critically controlled lighting studio setup. A single shot from the Phase One will result in a native capture size of approximately 48 inches on the long side. Depending on the aspect ratio of the original art, the native resolution of the original art on the capture file will be 36 to 44 inches on the long side at 300 pixels per inch. This can be interpolated or up-sized in Photoshop. Multiple shot stitches are available for larger output requirements.

Some of the varieties of original art include:

  • oil and acrylic paint on canvas or board
  • watercolour painting and illustrations on paper
  • fabric arts and textiles
  • mutlimedia pieces (including 3D elements)
  • art with high gloss or highly reflective elements, such as varnishes, metallic paints, gold leaf, and glossy films
  • Super oversized art (larger than 6 foot)

Supplied Files:

  • Unprocessed Tiff – 16bit or 8bit Tiff in in AdobeRGB or LAB Colour (16bit AdobeRGB is default)
  • Processed Tiff – 16bit or 8bit Tiff in AdobeRGB or LAB Colour (16bit AdobeRGB is default
  • Processed Jpeg at 3600 pixels long dimension – 8bit Jpeg in sRGB Colour
  • Processed Jpeg for instagram 1080 pixels long dimension – 8bit Jpeg in sRGB Colour

“Plastic Apocalypse” by Maggie Hall

Capture conditions are carefully controlled through the use of:

  • High quality lights
  • Multiple lights and multiple angles
  • Light modification
  • Lighting polarization and lens polarization
  • Lighting calibration

Digital post production includes:

  • Digital colour calibration
  • Colour matching to original artwork
  • Creative colour rendering based on output and artist intent
  • Digital stitching and exposure blending for super large scale reproduction