Project Discounts

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List of factors that could influence the amount of discount provided to a project:


Timeline or Deadline

-Generally, the more time we have, the better discount we can offer.


Number of Prints

-Generally, the higher the volume, the better discount we can offer.



-The content of the images will also be considered. Images that are very dark, very white, or have tricky colours will affect our quote.


Paper Type and Stock Levels

-Our current stock levels and the type of paper will affect our quoting decisions. Papers highlighted in green on our price list are more heavily stocked.



-Generally, consistent sizes will mean a better discount.



Full bleed and exact borders require more attention to detail. Generally, requesting ‘some borders’ will mean a better discount.


Flat Sheet or Roll Stock?

Do you have a preference for flat sheet or roll stock?



Does the project require special packaging? 


Third Party Involvement

-Will a third party be involved in your project. The number of points of contact for your project will affect the discount. 


Payment Terms

Pre-paid, pay upon pickup, or terms will affect the quote.