About Resolve Photo

Resolve Photo started in 2009 by two photographers dissatisfied with finding a good commercial print. Costas Costoulas and Jamie Tilston simply wanted to speak to the people operating the machines but for some reason, this was an impossible task. So, they purchased a printer and printed their first successful exhibition for Jamie. Word spread, they bought more printers, moved out of the basement and into a small studio, and it’s been growing ever since.

We now occupy a 2300 square foot studio space just outside of downtown. We’re proud of the space we’ve built and its constant evolution. We are a full service shop that can help you with digital file and colour management all the way through to presentation. We have a client list that includes galleries, museums, studios, government, universities, and corporations.

No matter how big or small the project, we take a lot of care to make sure the final product is exactly as you imagined it.

Resolve Photo


Photo by Nathan Elson


Costas started Resolve Photo back in 2009 with Jamie Tilston so suffice it to say he’s pretty passionate about the shop and the local art scene. He tries to escape to the backcountry as much as possible with his wife, Kirsten. He can also be found hiking, cycle touring, or skiing in winter.

Favourite album (right now): Nirvana, “Nevermind”
Inspirational artist: Jeff Wall

Photo by Nathan Elson


Philip Kanwischer is a photographer and wildlife/nature conservationist and knife maker and framer and we’re pretty sure he’s also part muskrat… on a skateboard.

He’s sometimes the quietest one around the shop but you can still count on him to build a wall when needed or offer up a sarcastic comment when not needed.

Favourite album (right now): “Compton” Dr. Dre

File Photo


Typically, most of the people hired at Resolve have been customers first. That includes Derek. He was a rad customer when we first met him, and he’s a rad dude working for us. Derek has done it all at Resolve- printing, framing, and photography. He’s currently in charge of most things website and graphic design. Recently, he’s shown his fine art photography work through The Edge Gallery in Calgary and Canmore. He also curates the walls of a local venue to ensure that patrons get an eyeful as well as a mouthful of tasty treats. He’s an awesome dad, and a hard-core mountain biker.

Favourite album (right now): Something abrasive
Inspirational artist: Michael Kenna