Test Strips

What Are Test Strips?

Test strips are a great tool for artists preparing to make final prints of their artwork. When creating a print, it’s important to ensure that the resolution, colour, and tones of the print are accurate and consistent with the artist’s vision. Test strips can help with this process by allowing the artist to preview how the final print will look and make any necessary adjustments before committing to a full print run.

We can help the artist by creating a small test print using the same paper, printer, and settings that will be used for the final print. Or, we can use test strips to help select a final choice from a variety of papers or to test different variations of the file without having to print the full image. For example, the artist might create several versions of each file to preview a different exposure or tone.

Why Do Test Strips?

By using test strips, the artist can identify any issues with the print before making a final print, saving time, materials, and expense. The artist can also use the test strips to fine-tune the image file and to make any necessary adjustments to any elements of the image. Once the artist is happy with the test strip, we can confidently proceed with the final prints.

In order to keep the prices for test strips as low as possible, the size of the test strip is not standardized, but based on our available stock dimensions. Test strips may have minor surface paper flaws, dinged edges, or slight printer marks, but the true colour, density, and resolution will be 100% accurately represented.

Test strips are a useful tool for ensuring that the final prints of your artwork are of the highest quality and look exactly as you intended!

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