Image Assessment

Exploratory Image Assessment – $10

  • Service provided through email.
  • We can help determine an appropriate print size.
  • We can check the resolution for your desired print size.
  • We will determine if the aspect ratio corresponds with your desired print size.
  • We can suggest a crop or advise against cropping.

How big can I print?

It depends! Looking at a print on paper or canvas is not the same as looking at digital pixels on a screen for many reasons, and size is one factor that doesn’t always translate the way you might think. We regularly encounter situations where an image can be printed larger than a customer expects, but many others where the biggest useful size is much smaller than expected.

Answers questions such as:

  • How big can I print this file?
  • Will this file look good at 24×36 inches?
  • Does my image require a crop to print it 8×10 inches?

Test strips are a great alternative to an image assessment.

You can upload a file, let us know what size you’d like the finished image to be, and we will print out a small section so you can determine if it’s perfect!

Test strip on Ilford Smooth Pearl paper $10
Test strip on fine art paper – $20 and up depending on paper

Learn more about test strips

Need More Guidance?

If you are looking for a more thorough assessment, and would like to speak to one of the team, you’re welcome to book a telephone or in-person consultation.