Printing on Canvas


Museum wraps show your entire image on the front only, and the sides are finished with black fabric tape.


Gallery wraps show your image on the front and sides of the canvas. (If you have any important image contents nears the edges of the print, be aware that a Gallery wrap will wrap around to the sides and so those edges will not be visible from the front.)


Float frames are a great way to finalize your canvas presentation. Your stretched canvas is placed in a floater frame specifically designed for canvas stretches. Your stretched canvas will be highlighted in this type of frame.

Mouldings – we carry a wide variety of woods and metals

Gap Between Frame and Canvas – we use a 3/8″ gap as standard, but this can be adjusted to a certain degree depending on the specific float frame.


We can also frame your printed canvas in a traditional frame without stretching the canvas. We can mount your printed canvas and frame it in any style of moulding.

Mouldings – we carry a wide variety of woods and metals.

Glass and Acrylic – our laminated canvas is suitable for framing with no glass. However, you can choose from five different glass and acrylic options, if desired.

All our canvases offers great detail, colour and contrast.

Our canvas has a bright white surface, and is woven from a poly-cotton blend using an acid-free, neutral pH coating.

Each canvas is coated with Artshield Satinex UV laminate. UV laminates are designed to protect your print from dust, humidity, ultraviolet, and surface scuffs.

The final result looks great, and stays that way for a long time

We stretch all canvases on made-to-order stretcher bar frames. We can build bars custom-sized for your print, ranging anywhere from 12×12″ up to 48×70 inches, or even larger. Stretcher bars come in a 1-1/2″ depth. Bars are braced across and in the corners, for improved stability (when required).

Canvas stretches come ready to hang with either wire, D-rings, or Wall Buddies depending on size and your preference for how you would like to hang the piece.