Full Bleed on 4 Ply Mat Board

Dry mounting your image to 4 ply cotton mat board is a fantastic conservation method for keeping your prints flat and wave-free. We use white (black by special request) Rising Museum boards which are 100% cotton, neutral pH, acid free, lignin free, and chlorine free.

We use an acid free mounting tissue to get a good bond between the print and the board. 4 ply mat boards are great when using a low profile frame when a foam board won’t fit.

Mat board is less susceptible to bowing and warping than foam boards, but this is still a concern if you are not framing the dry mounted print.

We highly recommend framing any prints dry mounted to 4 ply mat board.

​Photo by: Costas Costoulas
​​Paper: Ilford Smooth Pearl
​Mount: Acid Free Mat Board