Original Art Reproduction

We have extensive experience capturing a variety of original art. We will professionally photograph it, colour-manage the digital file, and optimize it for print. Our client list includes professional and amateur painters, artists, conservators, governments, museums, commercial/public galleries, and art foundations.

Some of the varieties of original art include:

  • oil and acrylic paint on canvas or board
  • watercolour painting and illustrations on paper
  • fabric arts and textiles
  • mutlimedia pieces (including 3D elements)
  • art with high gloss or highly reflective elements, such as varnishes, metallic paints, gold leaf, and glossy films
  • Super oversized art (larger than 6 foot)

We professionally photograph your original artwork using a Phase One 100MP Medium Format Digital Camera in a critically controlled lighting studio setup.

Capture conditions are carefully controlled through the use of:

  • High quality lights
  • Multiple lights and multiple angles
  • Light modification
  • Lighting polarization and lens polarization
  • Lighting calibration

Digital post production includes:

  • Digital colour calibration
  • Colour matching to original artwork
  • Creative colour rendering based on output and artist intent
  • Digital stitching and exposure blending for super large scale reproduction


We offer high-quality reflective flat art or print scans measuring up to 12 x 17″. We professionally scan your prints using a top-of-the-line Epson flatbed scanner combined with state of the art scanning software to ensure you get the best scan possible. This is a great service for scanning photo prints and small flat art pieces. Larger sizes available as custom projects.

Note: We do not offer negative or slide scanning at this time.


We can scan your old photo prints and restore and reproduce them for you. The process involves three stages:

  1. We professionally scan images up to 12×17″ and prepare them for print. You can save by scanning multiple images at once. The full-resolution digital files from the scan are yours to keep after the process.
  2. If your photo requires further retouching, we can help you restore the image to its former glory. This may involve digital enhancing the image, removing scratches, water marks, restoring colour, or filling in torn areas of the print. The ability to restore the image depends on the original condition.
  3. We will print the full-resolution scanned and retouched image to almost any size (this depends on the original size of the image). We have a variety of papers to match to your original or to enhance the new image.


  • Photographed using Phase One 100MP Medium Format Digital Camera
Qty 1
Qty 2-4
Qty 5+
40x60 or smaller300250200
Larger than 40x60Call for Quote
Fitting fee (removing art from frame and re-framing, if needed)Call for Quote
Includes one test strip per original artwork
  • Reflective art or prints only
  • Negative and slide scans are not supported
Qty 1
Qty 2-4
Qty 5+
12x17 or Smaller504035
Larger than 12x1750 per square foot
Minor Adjustments10/image
Digital Retouching100/hour (15min increments)
1:1 Image Consultation100/hour (Full Hour Bookings)

Pricing Effective August 24th, 2020

$100 minimum order value.

All measurements are in inches.

Per image pricing starts at one square foot. All prints under one square foot will be priced at one square foot. For pricing purposes, minimum dimensions of 12 inches will be applied.

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